Accra Fashion Week is a platform for African designers that which can be compared to fashion weeks across the major capitals. It aims to fill the void which sees tremendous creativity and culture across the continent with the absence of an operating fashion infrastructure.

In the wake of local renown and the international appeal of Ghana’s fashion scene, Accra Fashion Week is stepping up its game to meet demand and impress the world of style and contemporary taste.

The fifth edition of Accra Fashion Week brought gathered West African designers for a weekend of runway shows after last year’s break from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are Africans, so Ghanian fashion is basically African but what I do is I mix European with African so you can wear it anywhere, anytime and you can fit it into any occasion and any society” said Yvonne Tawiah, creator of Yvonne Ex fashion brand.

Virgil Abloh, a prominent U.S. fashion designer of Ghanian origin who was artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, died late November, and some see him as the role model to follow in the fashion industry.

Accra Fashion Week is a four-day event in which key players of the industry in West Africa gather together to discuss the business of fashion and to showcase their designs.

Accra Fashion Week fills the void as a prodigious fashion intermediary connecting the dots between exceptional creativity and culture. In the past, it was hard for thousands of local boutiques to support made in Ghana fashion because of lack of professionalism, mediocre quality of goods, dislike for common wax prints, improper branding, pricing issues, etc. The fashion week organizers bring to the fore many talented designers who defy the odds.

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