Here at the 19th edition of Darkar fashion week, viewers gather under a baobab tree to take a look at the designs of some 18 fashion designers from across the continent. Designs from Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Ethiopia were featured on the catwalk.

“It’s a meeting of our African fashion family, and besides, right now, with the pandemic, we don’t have everyone. We create our ecosystem and we live it, we live it freely, we live it passionately and we live it without restraint.” Said Adama Paris, the Senegalese stylist and event organizer.

The organizers chose the baobab forest to remind participants of the fashion world’s responsibility to operate sustainably.

Featuring designers from across Africa, the Dakar Fashion Week is one of the continent’s longest-running fashion exhibitions.

Textile production generates 1.2 billion tons of carbon emissions a year and, if current rates continue, the industry could account for more than a quarter of global emissions by 2050, according to a 2015 study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

“My collection is called Hope. We tried to use materials that are usually thrown away in nature. Here in Africa we see a lot of plastic everywhere. For this dress, we used golden plastic. It’s just to show that we can use the things we throw away and make dresses out of them.” explained by Moussa Versailles, a Senegalese stylist.

Most of the patrons were impressed at the designs and level of creativity exhibited by African creators.

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